Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 34 | God of the Process

I often joke with my friends that I’m going to write a book. Usually, the title of the book is dependent on something I am frustrated about. However, one of the insights that came to me (it might seem simple to some people, but to me it felt like a divine epiphany) is that our God is a God of the process. So alas, I have the title of my book, God of the Process 

Let me explain. As we look back in the Bible, we read account after account of failure. However, early on, God chooses men to lead His people and eventually sends a group of people we call the prophets to continue this leading. Even with these God-ordained leaders the people still crumble and fail to follow God’s ways. In His perfect wisdom, God sends one more person to earth, His very own son, Jesus Christ. While on earth, Jesus taught normal, broken people and dealt with the frustrations of leading normal, broken people, eventually leading up to a brutal and humiliating death on the cross.
At the time, it may have seemed like the people of that day had failed, but through the death of Christ something happened. Through Jesus’ death, a process that started long ago came to fruition. Through Jesus’ death, we are now able to look back and see that all of the prophets and leaders of Israel were leading up and foreshadowing this one event in time. Through Jesus’ death we can see that even through all of Israel’s failures, God was working a process for His good, and the good of those He loves. Praise God! There were so many times that I would have just given up and destroyed humanity, but God saw fit to work with us and send a savior instead. 

My question is this, what process might you be in the midst of right now? What journey are you on? This looks different for everyone, but take a look around and think about where God has you right this minute. Is there something He might be doing? Is there something you need to be awakened to? Is there an area you feel like you’re failing in? Take heart, God loves you and desires you so much that he sent His son to die for you. You are part of His grand process, and even though we fall and make mistakes, none of those mistakes can separate us from God’s love. He will begin the good work that He has started in us. He is the God of the Process.

-Jake Houf

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