Thursday, May 15, 2014

Would You Dare?

If God asked you to help write a portion of the Bible, how would you identify yourself as the author?   

James identifies himself as, “a servant of God.”

Paul says he is, “an apostle of Christ Jesus.” 

But John is unique.  His author’s signature is intimate, vulnerable and confident.  He assigns himself the title, “the disciple whom Jesus loved.”  

During the Critical Conversation series I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart…would you dare Liz?  Would you introduce yourself as the “daughter whom Jesus loves?”

Why was this a hard question for me?  My head knew the truth that Jesus loves me, but to claim the title “daughter whom Jesus loves” would mean my heart would have to agree!  For days I wrestled.  God raised my eyes from my failures and shortcomings to Jesus.  His voice of truth rang clearly …

He loves me just as I am.
His love for me unconditional.
My identity rests in what He calls me.
My sins are forgiven. 

And so I sign off as Liz, the daughter whom Jesus loves.
-Liz Barnett

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  1. I love it. Thanks for your boldness.