Monday, June 22, 2015

Quiet Wonder

In October of 2005 we moved into our home and the following spring I began to tackle the fabulous challenge of “the yard”. The lawn was mostly weeds and a neighbor later mentioned that as long as her yard looked better than mine, she was good. Yikes! I spent hours upon hours digging, cutting, weeding, feeding, pruning, planting, enriching the soil and transforming our little plot of earth.

About four years ago, while expanding the garden “just a titch more”, I noticed a robin hanging around. I figured she had noticed the freshly dug soil and was waiting for a chance to hunt, so I tossed a few worms her way to see what she would do. Sure enough, she tentatively gathered them up and gobbled them down!
My little robin friend has returned each year since and with each visit has become a little more bold. Last year she added a nest under the eaves of our roof and this spring I was treated to an incredible gift.

Ms. Robin had returned to her previous nest, laid and patiently sat on her eggs and when they hatched she fed her nestlings worms that I had gathered and shared with her. Her little brood eventually fledged the nest and I thought that was it for the season. 

But I was wondrously mistaken!

I was out in the garden weeding when I heard a chirp (I had begun to notice that she gives a little call when she is near). I looked up and not only was Mama there, but she had brought one of her fledglings to me! The still-speckled bird gave several hungry peeps and wouldn’t stop until Mama gathered a mouthful of juicy worms from my pile…and then fed them to baby! All this within five feet of me! When they were full, Mama flew through the chain-link fence and baby followed after a few attempts at trying to figure out how to get through.

After they flew away, I let my trowel slip to the ground, sat back on my heels and began to cry. I was completely overwhelmed with the beauty and wonder of not only creation, but the Creator. His fingerprints are all over and He is pleased to surprise us with wonders if only we are still and quiet enough to notice. This gentle, peaceful interaction was a gift from the hands of my Father, reminding me that He is good, that He is present and that He loves me. Be still my soul.

The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders; where morning dawns, where evening fades, you call forth songs of joy.  Psalm 65:8

~ Sarah Bennor

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