Monday, June 29, 2015

Where Heaven and Earth Collide

There’s a story that most of us are familiar with in one form or another. It happens all around us, but can take several shapes. It’s the story of people setting aside their differences and coming together for a cause. In recent American history I think of 9/11… a country coming together in our grief and mourning. Or perhaps #BostonStrong, as the people of Boston rallied following the tragic bombing at the Boston Marathon. If we move to Hollywood, we see movies like Remember the Titans, We Are Marshall, or even The Lego Movie… People setting aside their differences; teaming up to complete a goal, or make something awesome happen. It’s a story all around us, but what would happen if it was us?

            I was on a mission trip recently where the speaker was talking about just that. It was a tale of two stories, God’s story, and ours. He was talking about impact, and how impact happens at the point where God’s story and our stories collide. It’s that point where Heaven and earth collide and these two stories become the Story. He was saying that when we partner with Jesus, and we decide to follow him, God will do some amazing things. It might not happen immediately, and it might not even be a huge, ground-shaking occurrence, but when we are going God’s way He can use us in powerful ways.

            I find it so important to remember that in my own walk with God. It becomes easy to be complacent, or to try and go my own way without God. But I need to continually remind myself to set aside my agenda and continue to partner with Jesus in everything I do, because there is impact when our stories collide. God can use all of us in big ways when we are willing to partner with Him and follow His leading. As you spend time in prayer this week, think about those areas where you are trying to take control and give those things to God, because there is power and freedom when Heaven and earth collide. 

~Jake Houf

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