Monday, October 19, 2015


Let’s just jump right in. This life, OUR EARTHLY LIFE, is temporary.  Ignoring this fact does not make it any less true.  I feel that we often acknowledge that this truth obviously exists, but do we really process it and expect it?  I don’t feel that most of us do. 

What’s good about this?  Right now you’re probably thanking me for a nice, pick-me up in your day, but seriously, just hear me out. 

Our pain in this life is temporary.

Our struggle in this life is temporary.

Our exhaustion in this life is temporary.

Our fragmented joy in this life is temporary.

The flawed beauty of this life is temporary.

This life we lead apart from God will not be the only reality we ever know.  One way or another, we will be face-to-face with the glory of the Creator. 

Maybe we have trouble with concept of death because deep down our souls were not made for a temporary existence.  I really feel that we can’t imagine “not being” because we have an eternal component of who we are that was based in the one, true, eternal God, the God whose image we are made in.  So if we have this eternal soul, why am I making such a big deal about grasping the temporary?

It is important to recognize the importance of the temporary.  The temporary is where we determine our eternity.  This life we know that is ever moving toward our death (I know, another ray of sunshine) is the only chance we get to know what a relationship with a self-sacrificing Savior is and accept this gift to experience the grace and safety in that love.  This life is the only chance you have to impact those you love for Christ.  You have an opportunity to choose NOW.  You have an opportunity to impact NOW. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

I think it is also important to recognize that this life will end because at times, it is just simply painful and draining.   When we feel exhausted, it is good to remember that no matter the depth of the pain or the seemingly ceaseless struggle, it will end.  Christ has already won and he will triumph again!  If you put your faith in Jesus, there will be a day where you struggle no more, grieve no more, fail no more. (Alright, now that really is some joy in your day!)

I believe that knowing that this life is temporary is energizing and comforting.  Not only is there an end, but a perfect end.  With Christ’s strength, I can run this race all out because it won’t be forever.  I can eventually accept the pain I feel for missing someone I can’t hold right now, because I know that because of their acceptance of grace, they are in perfect peace and joy, and I will be with them again. 

Paul writes in Romans 8:18, I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed to us.” As wonderful as this life may be, I am inconceivably grateful that it is temporary.

~ Ashley VanDam

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