Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 6 | And You Smile

Last spring I was blessed with the opportunity to spend a weekend at a prayer retreat center.  It was in a time in my life where I was desperately seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus, and I eagerly anticipated these moments to spend with Him. 

The weekend arrived and I was giddy with the delight of spending several hours alone with Him.  Saturday morning came, and we had a group session time in which a speaker shared his thoughts on the importance of prayer and seeking solitude and quiet to hear Him speak.  I grew more and more restless as the session wore on and the clocked ticked towards the time we were scheduled to have quiet time.  The speaker had wonderful things to say, yet I struggled with impatience as I wanted to practice what we were discussing.  My heart was pounding and I was short of breath, I felt like a young girl in love waiting for the knock on the door from her beloved waiting to take her out on a date.  My knuckles gripped the edge of my seat and as soon as he dismissed us, I shot up and nearly ran out of the room.  I was so wildly focused on spending time with Him, I didn’t think at the time about how “rude” I must have looked, to so quickly leave the room.

During my moments with Him that weekend, He whispered to my soul, ”You know how much you desired to spend this time with Me?  I long for you like that, but even more so, infinity so; it is never ending.”

And You Smile 

I bury my face in the apple blossoms,

Eyes closed, slowly inhaling the sweet scent again and again.

Silly sight to see - me simply standing there, breathing deep. 

And You smile . . .

I run out of a room filled with people to be alone with You

Wanting every precious second given to count,

You chuckle with amusement at my child-like impetuousness. 

And You smile . . .

I dance for joy with wind- blown hair,

Each blade of grass and leaf on tree joining in…

Arms in air, as I twirl. 

And You smile . . .

I sit on sand and cry from pain of life,

“Come here”, You say and hold me in Your arms

Of  fresh warm sunlight, and I sigh. 

And You smile . . .

And as I rest my head upon Your shoulder,

I quietly speak my words of hurt

Sharing my intimate thoughts.

And You smile…

Lord, Thank you for loving us with sweet abandon.  It mystifies us that You love us so wildly, jealously and passionately.  We can only grasp a glimpse of how severely You love us.  May we love You in return with our meager human attempts, and as we do so, may we envision the smile upon Your sweet face as we reach for You. 

-Sue Parrott


  1. Thank you Sue. I love your words and openness about this. I can totally relate. I tend to want to do that more and more each day.

    The song called How He Love Us ( comes to mind for this. I woke up this morning with it on my mind, had a CD in the CD player at home and started to play it after my prayer time and that was one of the songs on it and then I put on music on my phone at work and that was the first song that plays out of the entire playlist (set on shuffle).

    Our God is so great!!!!!!!!